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How Coaching helps you win in Life, Business or Career?

If you want to understand how coaches can help you WIN, just imagine a great teacher who helped you achieve great success in school. The coach brings out the best in you without even giving and advice or pushing anything at you. In a coach-coachee relationship, it is not the coach who is in charge, it will will always be the client and the will and eagerness of the client to WIN. Just imagine if you’re struggling in making business decisions when all the choice seems right, the business coach will help you choose the best among the best choice on your own, without giving any hints and being biased about one. Isn’t it a big WIN?

Coaching heals your soul and connects it with your thoughts to streamline all your energy towards the achievement of your goals!

Adeel Arshad

In the same way, a life coach assists individuals in making positive changes in their lives to achieve more happiness and satisfaction without giving any advice because the expert on your life is only YOU not another person and not even a coach. Life coaches assist their clients in enhancing their interpersonal connections, professional careers, and day-to-day living situations.

Coaching is Healing!

Everyone in college has experience career counseling. If we remove the “advice” part from the career counseling sessions, the rest of it will be career coaching where the counselor asks questions to help clarify your career goals. Career coaching is an industry which in the past ten years has expanded rapidly. Career coaching aims to empower professionals via educated choices on their journey. The answer for career choices is a solution-based strategy based on outcomes, actions, and responsibility.

Executive coaching is offered to executive and senior management inside any organization. It can be used as as a strong, targeted, and successful tool to make the stressful decision making easier for the executives.

Relatones’ business model is designed to provide coaches with all the coaching documents, coaching tools and online support with a great website, digital marketing, social media, custom coaching coursepacks, hence, everything they need to grow instantly in their niche.


Coaching has become very effective and efficient with the research-based coaching tools designed by Relatones. These tools or coaching worksheets are made for all coaching niches and specialties in order to help coaches better serve their clients and improve their lives. There are specific coaching exercises also that help the clients of the coaches achieve different goals faster. For example, the the career satisfaction exercise designed by Relatones will help your coaching clients streamline their career objectives and act on them.

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