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Coaching is for Leaders – Consulting is for Businesses

In general, business consultants work in areas such as marketing, personnel, management, finance, and accounting. Business consultants are known for identifying the business problems and offer solutions to improve the business performance. Whereas, the business coaches or executive coaches work with business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to make them think clear about their business goals, objectives, strategies and vision. They don’t identify the business problems or offer solutions but they listen the coachees (clients) talk about their business problems and then ask questions to guide their minds to the path of solutions. There is no advice involved but just asking right questions and listening.

For example, a brand is facing decline in sales and the company executives are not able to figure out the reasons. This is where a marketing consultant will come into play. The consultant will identify the reasons of declining sales and devise solutions. A business or executive coach on the other hand, will listen to the problem and explore that why the leader (in this case the client) is not able to think for a solution. During the coaching sessions, the coach will ask questions to bring the executive (client) closer to the solution not by offering advice but by having the client thinking out loud.

Coaching grows the Leaders; Consulting grows the Businesses!

Adeel Arshad

Relatones creates and develops tools for coaches, mentors and trainers to ask the right questions at the right time and to help their clients succeed in the most efficient way. We also provide growth coaching and marketing consulting for the coaches, solopreneurs, change-makers, influencers, mentors, and people with the profession of helping other people do the good work. Relatones also develop coursepacks for coaches, mentors and trainers to help them and their clients stay postiive, motivated, goal-oriented and on the top of their “THING”.

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