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How to Be a Certified Business Coach?

Business coaching is a way to grow client’s business and get it to the place it is meant to be. Business coaching emphasizes growth and how to overcome hurdles in the business to continue developing. Remember, it is not consulting, counseling or therapy for the growth in business. Business coaching is totally different from consulting, counseling or training or any kind. Unlike a consultant, a business coach never instructs the clients where to go or what route to take and how will it solve the problem of his/her business. Business Coach just help you to find your own way to reach your business goals by asking you questions and listening to your answers. He further asks questions to clarify your own thoughts about your business goals, objectives, vision or strategies.

Business Coaches help owners and executives bring their inner ideas to life. Entrepreneurs may also benefit from it by identifying the best routes to take to launch or grow their business, as well as by establishing realistic objectives and productively aligning them.

Entrepreneurs benefit from business coaching to the benefit of their idea, planning and establishing goals. Businesses may develop more efficiently with the assistance of business coaching, which helps owners set priorities and align objectives.

Coaching is Listening and Listening is a way to heal!

Adeel Arshad

How to become a certified business coach in easy steps

To be a business coach, the most important thing you need is to have some business experience. It is not important for coach to know each and every business type or industry because major business concepts are same for any business and that is what a coach needs to know. Remember, coach is not giving any advice and it is not consulting where you are solving clients’ business problems. Running small businesses for a while or being an executive at a company will be perfect. After some business experience, the next most important skills are the communication skills and listening.

To become a certified professional business coach, there are just three criteria to meet.

  • Completion of coaching training – we must complete 125 hours of coaching instruction, either in a classroom setting or online.
  • Mentoring – According to ICF standards, we must do 10 hours of mentoring.
  • Coaching experience – For the ICF coaching credential, we must have 500 hours of coaching experience. To become a certified professional business coach we must first fulfill all of the above criteria and then complete a final performance

Once you have the dedication, the Coaching Startup Documents Pack created by Relatones will be all you need to launch your coaching practice with confidence. These documents also includes the coaching service agreements and coaching exercises and tools as well so that you may not have to worry about having a complete documents toolkit to start business coaching.

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