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This Coaching tGrow Worksheet is designed using the famous Coaching GROW Model. This is an awesome coaching tool to clarify, understand and affirm the topic, goals, reality, options & what’s next in a coaching relationship and at all stages of coaching.

▪️TOPIC of Discussion

▪️ GOAL Setting

▪️REALITY & Situation Analysis


▪️ WHAT’S NEXT or the Action Plan.


.Relatones presents the Coaching tGrow Worksheet, an exercise inspired by the coaching GROW Model. This coaching tool clarifies everything for the coach and client from start to end so that all the expectations, client & coach performance, goals, situations, and results are being tacked and recorded by the coach. The TOPIC Questions in the sheet clarify the main Topic of discussion between the client and the coach. The GOALS section of this coaching worksheet allows the coach to record the coaching Goals agreed upon between the coach and the client. The REALITY Section of this coaching tool explores the current situation the client is going through. The next section is OPTIONS or we call them OPPORTUNITIES which records the option and the opportunities the client may have to grow. The last section of the TGROW Coaching Model is “Will Do” or “What’s Next”, i.e., the action plan.

Coaching tGrow Worksheet or if we add “T” becomes the TGROW model of coaching is a proven coaching model to clarify coaching expectations, goals, and actions. This is an acronym for,

▪️G- Goals
▪️O-Options or Opportunities
▪️W-What’s Next

Coaches are using this GROW Model of coaching since the 1980s for corporate coaching and executive coaching but this is a great coaching exercise. Coaches from all specialties and niches use this worksheet to optimize their coaching performance.

Uses of this Worksheet:
  • Clarify Topic – Goals – Reality – Options – Will Do (What’s Next) at different stages of coaching.
  • A Session Tool in each session.
  • Coaching Progress Summary Worksheet at coaching signoff.
  • An inspiring lead magnet and Self-Development tool for leads & clients to figure out their life’s TGROW (commercial rights may be requested through email).
  • Useful coaching exercise at any stage of the coaching relationship where the coach sees fit.

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