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This Worksheet helps keep the coach and client’s performance in check and,

  • Coaching Goal Tracking
  • Goal Progress
  • Coach-Client Expectations Alignment
  • Overcome Challenges

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Relatones presents the Coaching Goals Setting Worksheet. A worksheet to set the coaching goals for the client, and keep track of the client’s progress in achieving those goals. This coaching goal-setting form or sheet records the complete history of the sessions with a brief summary of each session discussion and decision. The progress towards the goals is tracked and discussed and an actionable & measurable way forward is decided before appearing in the next session.

This coaching-client accountability sheet is helpful in recording the expectations of the client from the coach on the Goals (finalized mutually) and the changes for future decisions are also recorded. This coaching goals-setting worksheet also enjoys the client’s successes towards the achievement of goals and identifies the challenges or barriers between the goal and the client.

Goal Setting Worksheet’s uses for COACHES:
  • Coaches from any niche and coaching specialty can use this coaching tools and edit as they like
  • Keeps both the coach and the client on track with the goal setting and progress
  • Helps identify the client’s most important goals, expectations, core values, challenges, and psychological barriers to moving forward
  • Records clients’ success and AH-HA moments
  • For alignment of coach & client expectations from the coaching relationship
  • To identify and overcome the challenges the coachee is facing
Uses of this coaching tool for Individuals
  • A self-coaching and development tool to set life goals and track progress towards the goals.
  • A life coaching exercise for oneself to overcome the challenges in life.
  • It helps individuals identify any difficulties in life
  • Helps identify most essential goals, expectations, core values, and psychological barriers to addressing them accordingly
  • Record AH-HA moments to keep you on track.
  • Please edit free in CANVA or disregard the client information and coaching session section for individual/personal use
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Life Coaches | Health Coaches | Business Coaches | Career Coaches | Mindset Coaches | Fitness Coaches | Relationship Coaches | Spiritual Coaches | Executive Coaches or Mentors, or any Coaching Niche, use these forms to fit your client’s or business’s needs.

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