Coaching GROW Exercise | Coaching Exercise to clarify Coaching TGROW | Coaching Tool in Canva


This T Grow analysis exercise is designed using the famous Coaching GROW Model. This is an awesome coaching tool to clarify, understand and affirm the topic, goals, reality, options & what’s next in a coaching relationship and at all stages of coaching.

▪️TOPIC of Discussion

▪️ GOAL Setting

▪️REALITY & Situation Analysis


▪️ WHAT’S NEXT or the Action Plan.


Relatones presents the Coaching Grow Exercise which is an awesome coaching exercise based on the TGROW Model. This is a coaching tool that helps the coach and client clarify the topic, goals, reality, options, and What’s Next, i.e., the action plan. This coaching GROW Template for sale has many uses as follows.

Coaching Grow Exercise becomes the TGROW model of coaching by adding T for Topic at the front. It is a proven coaching model to clarify coaching expectations, goals, and actions. This is an acronym for,

▪️G- Goals
▪️O-Options or Opportunities
▪️W-What’s Next

This is a proven and successful model used since the 1980s for corporate coaching and executive coaching but this is a great coaching exercise or coaching form to clarify the Topic of Coaching 0Discussion, Align coaching GOALS, understand the current Situation (REALITY), figure out the OPTIONS, OPPORTUNITIES or choices, and move further by figuring out “WHAT’s NEXT” or the commitment to change i.e., “Will Do” as the Action Plan. This coaching form or coaching document can be used by any coach working in any coaching niche.

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