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Coaching Development
know yourself

Know Yourself – The First Step to Being Authentic

It’s impossible to live authentically without first discovering who you are. Self-awareness is crucial! This first module will help you discover yourself. What is self-awareness? The dictionary defines self-awareness as “knowledge and awareness of your own personality or character.” When you’re self-aware, you have an accurate and clear understanding of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and […]

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Coaching and therapy session table

Coach VS Therapist: How are they different?

The primary domain of a therapist contains analyses and lengthy processes of resolution of psychological problems coupled with detrimental behaviors, feelings, and cognitive issues related to the past of a person. Whereas, a coach focuses more on future by clarifying the vision, goals and objectives by help creating an action-based mechanisms to eradicate the problem of the client. Both enable the client to tackle the problems of life but through psychological and physical methods. The key for both is ‘Listening’ as without listening to the problems, the therapist will not be able to identify the problems associated with the past of the person to offer best possible solutions, and the coach will not be able to understand the present of the clients, in order to clarify and brighten the path to the future.  

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Invest in yourself: Invest in coaching to reach goals!

An experienced life coach can assist you in identifying and eliminating barriers to your success, as well as devising methods for conquering each one of them. When your go through life coaching sessions, the coach listens to you more and ask questions to guide your thoughts to find solutions on your own. There is no advice involves. Life coaches offer the assistance you need to accomplish long-lasting transformation by helping you get the most out of your talents. This is done using different life coaching exercise, life coaching forms, mindset worksheets, or tools that organize and provoke your thoughts.

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Business Coaching

How to Be a Certified Business Coach?

To be a business coach, the most important thing you need is to have some business experience. It is not important for coach to know each and every business type or industry because major business concepts are same for any business and that is what a coach needs to know. Remember, coach is not giving any advice and it is not consulting where you are solving clients’ business problems. Running small businesses for a while or being an executive at a company will be perfect. After some business experience, the next most important skills are the communication skills and listening.

Business Coaching Coaching Executive Coaching Mindset coaching

Coaching is for Leaders – Consulting is for Businesses

In general, business consultants work in areas such as marketing, personnel, management, finance, and accounting. Business consultants are known for identifying the business problems and offer solutions to improve the business performance. Whereas, the business coaches or executive coaches work with business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to make them think clear about their business goals, objectives, strategies and vision.